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From bold designs to personalised masterpieces, we've been redefining team identity since day one. Join us in celebrating two and a half decades of pushing boundaries, setting trends, and delivering the most extraordinary jerseys in the business. Where tradition meets cutting-edge customization.
Because, why settle for ordinary when you can be legendary.
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Professional Quality for 25 Years

Philosophy and Services

Our aim is to create jerseys that go beyond the ordinary cookie-cutter designs.

We aspire to craft the finest and most stylish jerseys that you can proudly wear.
Silverback was founded in 1999 by me, Donovan Evans. After navigating through a series of unfulfilling jobs, I decided to venture out on my own and establish Silverback Sportswear. As time progressed, my passion shifted towards two things dear to my heart: hockey and drawing. The goal was clear—to provide customers with uniquely creative jerseys. I aimed to inject creative style and genuine design into a market often saturated with cookie-cutter products. Nearly 25 years later, we continue to thrive and expand, bringing a touch of artistic beauty to the beautiful game. EH!

At Silverback, we believe in jerseys that instill a sense of pride when worn. When clients approach us with their ideas or  jersey patterns, we take a hands-on approach. We pick up a pencil, put our talent to work, and collaborate directly with you to bring your team to life, creating a strong and powerful identity.

Looking for Jerseys?

We have broken down our jerseys into 4 options, to HELP you in your jersey selection

Full range great for schools and camps

This is a great starter point, an area that covers a FULL range. Great for School & Camps, a team starting out, and of coarse practices. You can start with a solid color, and work your way up to a simple 2- 3 color pattern. Tight budget or running a camp this a no brainer cost saver. Ask what else we can do for you Camps , Schools & Training. Package deals!
Starts at low as $25 per jersey
Logo/back number (min 18)
Range of current, or retro vintage NHL patterns, great for REC Leagues or any league

Here You have the range  of the current NHL patterns or some of the past and Retro Vintage patterns. These are a good cost effective & quick way to get your team jerseys. Great for the REC leagues or any league. Most of these are stock jerseys which can be crested & numbered in under two weeks. WE offer discounts when you package these with other gear.
Starts at low as $55 per jersey
Logo/back number (min 18)
Anything goes, the price doesn't change

Where the sky is the limit, as jerseys go. It's almost like a blank canvas, & anything goes. Add as much decoration/design to the jerseys, and the price does not change. So be creative, or allow  ME to go wild. Add matching socks and pant shells too. Even matching hoodies, or bags. If you want to stand out and be unique.

Starts at low as $75 per jersey
(min 18)
Custom cut and seqn jersey created for you, just like the pros
This is closes to the PROs. Your own custom cut & sewn jersey. We can create a jersey pattern or choose from the many patterns we already have. Add a PRO Twill/Embroidery Crest & matching custom socks. We have many options with numbers & names. These usually take the longest to produce and often are on the high end of our jerseys prices...But well worth it!
Starts at low as $95 per jersey
Logo/back number (min 18)
We offer many choice and options because we do the work.
Not only do we have Custom Hockey Jerseys, but we offer a full line of Warm-Up Gear, Apparel and Sportswear.
Your one stop shop!

Ways to Brand Your Jersey

Hockey Jerseys are our Main product, with the bulk of the work done in house. We Focus on making it Canadian made!

With that we offer many Decorating options to add the unique touch to your sweater.


Gives you Jersey the PRO look.


I great way to get a full color design at a budget price.p>

works well with house leagues


One of our more Popular Options. Great for reorder


Training Gear, Apparel and more.


A lower cost option and still get the twill look. Great for REC league


Great cost effective way to go larger orders, like Camps and schools


Vibrant Colors, and a another option to the Pro Twill

Training Gear, Apparel and more.
Promotion and Marketing products


We are you one stop Shop, pool you gear together and save!

WE help get your HOCKEY IDENTITY or BRAND shine. Group your orders together and receive huge discounts. Keep you brand looking the same thought out by using the same company
located on one of the most beautiful places in Canada. Operating in our 4000 Sqft production shop

#3280 Telegraph Road
Mill Bay, BC  V0R 2P3
located in Central Alberta. Operating in our 3600 Sqft production shop

#1514 Meridian Road NE
Calgary, AB T2A 2N9
Mon- Fri 8:30AM - 4:30PM

Calgary, AB
Mon- Fri 8:00AM - 4:00PM

***After hours we can be Reached at***

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