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At Silverback, we take pride in offering a diverse range of options and styles from our Stock jerseys, Full custom  & Sublimated jerseys.
Each order is unique, as it involves various customisation choices such as design elements, Jerseys type, Logos and numbers.
So we really  cannot have set online pricing, we like to tailor each order to work with you to get you the best product within you budget.
Here are the simple steps to follow:

Choose Jersey Style& Design:
  • Browse through the available jersey styles and choose the one that suits your needs & budget.
  • Have a concept/ Jerseys design ready to go add it to the email
  • Need Silverback to design something? Utilise one of best Artist to customise your jerseys.
  • You can use or Modify any design you see on our site, let us know.
  • Add any optional features, such as player names, numbers, or other customisation options available for your jerseys.
Roster with Size/numbers:
  • Specify the sizes and quantities required for each jersey. Ensure accurate sizing by referring to our size charts.
Review Your Order & Design:
  • Our Team will work with you to fine tune your jerseys and Pricing, with mail Mock-up Proofs
  • Take a moment to review the design mock-up we provide. Ensure all details are accurate before moving forward.
Pricing and Checkout:
    • After review and approving. Complete the checkout process by providing necessary information by our Team.
Sublimated Hockey jersey sizes
Hockey Pant shell size chart
#3280 Telegraph Road, Mill Bay BC
#1514 Meridian Road NE, Calgary AB

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